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Gardaland, Theme park

Gardaland is the most famous themed amusement park in Italy, included in the top ten of European theme parks. Opened July 19th, 1975 by the will of Livio Furini, a dealer in Peschiera del Garda after a visit to Disneyland in California was so impressed that he decided to create something even shore on the beautiful Lake of Garda. Gardaland opened with few attractions, but very original, and suffered a great public success. Success that, over the years, grown exponentially to the actual annual 3.000.000 visitors. Gardaland has gradually enriched with new attractions (some of the highest level) and new shows, presenting always, every year at least a novelty. 35 years after the inauguration, the park offers dozens of attractions for all tastes, from the quietest to those dedicated to those seeking thrilling emotions, all immersed in a green area surrounded by gardens and flowerbeds.

Opening hours and Ticket prices
Gardaland - Season 2015

Adult ticket: 38,50€
Reduced (∗): 32,00€
Adult ticket 2 days: 52,00€
Reduced 2 days (∗): 46,00€
Free ticket: children under 1 meter in height

(∗): Aged under 10 / aged over60 / military personnel



Family of 3: 91,50€
(2 adults + 1 child under 10 years OR 1 adult + 2 children under 10 years)

Family of 4: 122,00€
(2 adults + 2 children under 10 years OR 1 adult + 3 children under 10 years)

Family of 5: 152,50€
(2 adults + 3 children under 10 years OR 1 adult + 4 children under 10 years)


Adult ticket: 43,00€
Reduced (∗): 36,00€
Free ticket: children under 1 meter in height

The ticket allows 1 admission to Gardaland Park and 1 admission to Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium on the same day or on 2 consecutive days.


Adult ticket: 60,00€
Reduced (∗): 50,00€
Free ticket: children under 1 meter in height

The combined ticket 2+1 allows 2 admissions to Gardaland Park and 1 admission to Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium on 3 days on your choice.

(∗): Aged under 10 / aged over 60 / military personnel


Family of 3: 105,00€
(2 adults + 1 child under 10 years OR 1 adult + 2 children under 10 years)

Family of 4: 140,00€
(2 adults + 2 children under 10 years OR 1 adult + 3 children under 10 years)

Family of 5: 175,00€
(2 adults + 3 children under 10 years OR 1 adult + 4 children under 10 years)

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How to get to Gardaland

BY CAR: highway A4 Milan - Venice (exit: Peschiera del Garda or Sommacampagna); highway A22 of Brennero (exit Affi).

BY TRAIN: station of Peschiera del Garda (Line Milan - Venice); Free shuttle bus service to and from the park every 30 minutes. The service is guaranteed until 15 minutes after the closing time.

Location: Loc. Ronchi, Castelnuovo del Garda

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Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium

Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium is located near the Gardaland, near the parking, and consists of 37 tanks that reconstruct themed environments and natural habitats where you can admire thousands creatures (more than 5.000), representing hundreds animal species, from the most known and also present in Lake of Garda to the most strange and exotic. Among these last it is remarkable the presence of many sharks in the ocean basin, which measure 14 meters long and 13 meters wide with a depth of about 5 meters for a total of 851.000 gallons of water. The particularity of this basin is that the visitors can go through a semi-circular tunnel crossing the section to observe the sea creatures from an original point of view.

Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium is situated near the parking and can be easily reached by following the large arrows, it is about 300 meters from the entrance of the theme park. Admission tickets can be purchased at ticket offices of Gardaland or directly to the aquarium, the presale is also active on-line at the official website The tour takes about one hour and 30 minutes. The entry and the exit from the Gardaland theme park is allowed in the same day upon a pass stamp on the hand, so you can visit the Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium during the hottest hours of the day and ri-enter later to Gardaland.

Adult ticket: 15,00€
Fares (∗): 9,50€
Free ticket: children under 1 meter in height

Suggestions for your visit to Gardaland

It is advisable to avoid the days of greater affluence take advantage of the presale tickets online. At the opening, once you have crossed the entrance it is advisable to make Escape from Atlantis and Mammoth (always crowded) and then going to the attractions near Magic Mountain roller coaster. You can exit from Gardaland at any time for personal use or for visiting Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium.

  Gardaland, main attractions and rides of theme park n°1 in Italy

Oblivion (New 2015): dive coaster B&M 42 meters high, with a vertical drop of 50 meters and two inversions along the track. The new ride of Gardaland has space theme.

Gardaland, Raptor wing coaster Raptor (2011): roller coaster B&M develops through a path of 770 meters, from the departure underground, through forests and devastated lands with passages extremely close to scenic obstacles, 90 ░ curves at high speed, a low altitudine flying over a lake surface with water effects and three spins zero gravity. The new roller coaster at Gardaland reaches the maximum height of 30 meters and the real innovation is represented by trains having seats hanging in the air and placed sideways to the rails. Type: Wing Coaster.

Ramses (2009): the outside looks like a faithful reproduction of the facade of the Egyptian temple of Abu Simbel, where the visitors will be transported into a compelling adventure between Egyptian sculptures and mummies, in the attempt to block laser weapons through a transformation process caused by molecular forces of unknown origin. Type: Dark Ride interactive.

Gardaland, Mammut mine train Mammoth (2008): a great themed family coaster that provides super fun for the whole family. The attraction is set in the ice of the Arctic and it is inspired to a remarkable discovery occurred in the 40s. An expedition of scientists in the course of archaeological excavations at the pole, found a mammoth specimen perfectly preserved by the rigors of the cold. During the excavation the mammoth wakes up from its millennial sleep and forcing the people to a escape using the polar train. Type: Mine Train.

Sequoia Adventure (2005): a new type of coaster, 30 meters high, which promises thrills upside down in a typical American sawmill in the mountains. Type: Squirrel Coaster.

Escape from Atlantis (2004): on board of a special boat to tackle a water flow which descends steeply into a basin of water, moving a large amount of water and making waves. The attraction has a strong theme with a huge statue of Neptune and false ruins. Type: Spill Water.

Gardaland Fantasy Kingdom Fantasy Kingdom (2002): a big theme area with many fantastic attractions, where everything is fit for children. The zone is dominated by the big tree where there is the home of Prezzemolo (the mascot of Gardaland) and, in the basement, the magical attraction Mad House (suitable for adults and children).

Jungles Rapids (1999): a route on board of rafts on the river rapids through the ruins of Burmese temples, waterfalls and a volcano. Type: Raft Ride.

Blue Tornado (1998): 34 mts high roller coaster built by Vekoma that allows to live the emotions of the pilots of fighter aircraft. Type: Inverted Coaster.

I Corsari (1992): outside is the rebuilding of an English village with a beautiful Spanish galleon moored in the harbor. But the real attraction takes place at 14 meters below the ground. Entering and going down into the hold of the galleon you will reach the boats which performs an adventurous journey into the world of Pirates. Type: Dark Ride.

Magic Mountain (1985): a Vekoma roller coaster, with two loops and two corkscrew. Type: Steel Coaster.

Colorado Boat (1985): a classic aquatic route on trunks with two descents. Type: Flume Ride

Shows: Gardaland offers a variety of shows, suitable for all ages, into the Gardaland Theatre, the Palaraptor and the dolphin show in the Palablù (the only attraction in charge).

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