The most famous amusement parks of Italy

Gardaland, the fist amusement theme park of Italy

Gardaland, Theme Park N°1 in Italy

Gardaland is included in the top ten of European theme park and is located between Peschiera del Garda and Lazise, on Lake of Garda in Italy. Built on the east shore in Castelnuovo del Garda, the park opened on July 19th, 1975. It expanded both in size and guests, reaching 1 million visitors annually for the first time in 1984. In 2011 attendance reached 3 millions. Run and operated by Merlin Entertainments Group, the Gardaland is considered the first theme park in Italy. The park improves year after year presenting different attractions. Actually Gardaland shows five roller coasters and a total of 56 attractions. The park includes the Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium and the Gardaland Resort Hotel, a magical place where you can spend a fantastic holiday.

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Rainbow MagicLand, theme park near Rome

Rainbow Magicland, theme park of Rome - Valmontone Rainbow MagicLand is a theme park at Valmontone town, near Rome. It is extend over an area of approximately 600,000 sq.m. and it is divided into 3 themed areas. The theme park offer to its guests 36 attractions of various kinds, as: 3D interactive dark ride, launch coaster, spinnin coaster indoor, splash battle, 4D cinema, Winx's dark ride, raft ride, free fall tower 70 meters high and a lot of kiddie rides. The Rainbow Magicland theme park is open from April to early November and in the Christmas Holiday.

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Cinecittà World, the new theme park or Rome

Cinecittà World, new theme park of Rome The Cinecittà World is a new theme park of Rome located where until a few years ago there were the Cinecittà Studios. Inspired by the world of cinema, Cinecittà World include several themed areas and more than 10 attractions as a big roller coaster with 10 invertions, a free fall tower 54 meters high, a flume ride, a family coaster indoor, a panoramic fly simulator and many kiddie rides. When fully implemented are expected 3,000,000 visitors per year.

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Movieland Park and Caneva Aquapark

Movieland Studios, Lazise del Garda - Italy Movieland Park (located at Lazise - Lake of Garda) is waiting you with its theme parks: Caneva Aquapark, the famous Italian water park, and Movieland Studios designed taking inspiration from the famous Universal Studios parks. Movieland Park includes a lot of attractions inspired by the world of cinema and suitable for people of all ages. The amusement park includes Medieval Times, a particular dinner show, and the Rock Star Restaurant (All You Can Eat) too. Movieland Park is open from April to early November.

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Miragica Theme Park

Miragica Theme park Miragica is a small but very nice theme park located in Molfetta (Puglia region). Open from April to November, and during the Christmas holidays, it offers more then 23 attractions for families and children as: launch coaster, free fall tower, 4D cinema, flume ride, raft ride, disko coaster and a lot of kiddie rides. Miragica is open from April to early November.

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Aqualandia water park

Aqualandia, Water Park of Lido di Jesolo Aqualandia is the big water park of Lido di Jesolo and offers a Caribbean island a few kilometers from Venice, an oasis of fun 80.000sqm with water attractions and shows for all tastes. Once through the entrance of the park, ispirated by Port Hemingway of Key West Island (Florida), the public can enjoy a lot of water slides (one of the highest in the world), the great wave pool Shark Bay, the children's lagoons, the Bungee Jumping and the playground Funnyland. The water park Aqualandia is open from late May to mid-September.

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Italia in Miniatura

Italy in Miniature, Rimini amusement park Italia in Miniatura (Italy in Miniature) is the Italian historical, architectural and cultural heritage theme park, opened since 1970. Guests can walk between and around 272 model reproductions of the most important and magnificent monuments of Italy. The park also offers many attractions for adults and children. Italia in Miniatura is open from April to November.

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Mirabilandia Amusement Park

Mirabilandia, the second theme park in Italy Mirabilandia is the largest amusement park of the Romagna region. It is located at Lido di Savio, not far from Ravenna. The park offers dozens of attractions for children and families, as well as for those who love strong emotions. Mirabilandia boast to have two of the most beautiful roller coasters in Europe: the inverted coaster Katun and the new launched coaster iSpeed, and in 2012 will be opened Divertical, the highest water coaster in the World. Near amusement park is located Mirabilandia Beach, the water park that offers, in a Caribbean island, numerous water attractions and a large lagoon. Mirabilandia offers you the possibility to enter free the second consecutive day. The theme park is open from April to early November.

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Oltremare, the marine park of Riccione

Oltremare theme park, Riccione - Italy Oltremare is a big marine park located in Riccione in the Romagna region. It offers you an amazing journey through the marvels of our planet and our seas. In Oltremare you will satisfy your desire for knowledge in a very amusing and funny way. Discover the begins of the life on our Planet; meet the inhabitants of the Adriatic Sea and find new friends of our natural world: dolphins, birds of prey, fishes, reptiles, domestic animals.... The marine park is open from April to mid-September

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Aquafan, the big water park

Aquafan, Water park of Riccione - Italy Aquafan is the most famous water park in Italy and Europe. Located in Riccione (Romagna region), the park covers 100.000 square meters and has over 3kms of waterslides, shows, and water attractions for adults and children. Aquafan is very popular among teenagers for the big party night with internationally DJs. The water park is open from June to early September.

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Etnaland, theme park and water park

Etnaland, amusement park of Sicily - Italy Etnaland is a famous amusement park around 15km from Catania (Sicily), which comprises a big water park, open during the months of July and August, with swimming pools and water slides for all tastes; a Preistoric Park with models of Dinosaurs; and the new theme park with more of 20 attractions for kids and people off all ages, as the roller coaster The Storm, the dark ride The School, the family coaster Eldorado, the Shot&Drop Tower, the raft ride Crodile Rapids, the flume ride Jungle Splash. The new theme park of Etnaland will be open from April to October.

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Fiabilandia, theme park for childrens

Fiabilandia, theme park of Rimini - Italy Fiabilandia, one of the oldest amusement parks in Italy, was inaugurated in 1965. The park is located in Rimini (Romagna region) and it was always dedicated to children. It covers an area of 150,000 square meters and has, as a mascot, a funny monster called Babau. Fiabilandia develops itself in 5 main thematic areas: Medieval, Oriental, The Pirate Bay, the Magic Village and the Far West Village, offering attractions for children and families. Fiabilandia is open from April to early November.

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