The new theme park at Valmontone (Rome)

Theme park Rainbow Magicland, Valmontone Rome

Rainbow MagicLand is the name of a new great themed amusement park located in Valmontone, near Rome. It covers an area of 600,000 sq. m. and for its characteristics is intend to compete with the major Italians theme parks.

Rainbow MagicLand is a theme park dedicated to the whole family, where the guests can discover the magic of fun and adventure: a dimensional shift between fairy castles, brave Vikings, magical fairies, powerful sorcerers and skilled adventurers. Rainbow MagicLand offers to its visitors 36 different attractions, partly powered by solar energy, including a world premiere and 3 attractions unique in Italy.

The Park is divided in different themed areas, some of which are inspired by Rainbow's characters such as: Winx, Huntik, Monster Allergy and co.

Opening hours and Ticket prices
Rainbow MagicLand - Season 2016

Adult ticket: n.d.€
Reduced∗: n.d.€
Free ticket: children under 1 meter in height

∗: up to 10 year and over 65.

Opening Day:

Rainbow MagicLand Map: Click here >>>

Official Web Site: www.rainbowmagicland.it
Tel. + 39.06.95318200 - Email: info@rainbowmagicland.it

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Main Attractions of Rainbow MagicLand

Shock (Launch Coaster)
Cagliostro (Indoor Spinning Coaster)
Mystika (Free Fall Tower)
Castello di Alfea (Cinema 4D)
Huntik 5D (Interactive Dark Ride)
Pianeta Winx (Suspended Dark Ride)
Bombo (Junior Coaster)
L'Olandese Volante (Mine Train Coaster)
Maison Houdini (Mad House)
L'Isola Volante (Flying Island)
Yucatan (Spillwater)
Le Rapide (Raft Ride)
Battaglia Navale (Splash Battle)
Demonia (Horror House)
Children's Area
3 theaters

How to get to Rainbow MagicLand
(Valmontone - Rome)

BY CAR: from the highway A1 Rome - Naples, exit at Valmontone, after the toll turn right and follow the direction for Fashion District Outlet - Amusement Park Rainbow MagicLand.

BY TRAIN: you can reach the Fashion District Outlet and Amusement Park Rainbow MagicLand from all major cities of Italy. The nearest railway station (5 km) is located in the town of Valmontone. The bus-shuttle from the railway station to the Rainbow MagicLand cost 2 Euros, for info: +39.06.95318700.

BY BUS: Many tour operators organize trips to amusement park Rainbow MagicLand with departures from many cities in central and southern Italy. For more information and reservations, please contact your travel agent.

Address: Via della Pace, Loc. Pascolaro - Valmontone (ROME)
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Photogallery of Rainbow Magicland

Official video of Rainbow Magicland